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Why I choose MRLtoy: an Innovative Sex Toy Manufacturer

Why I choose MRLtoy: an Innovative Sex Toy Manufacturer

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TL;DR – These toys are the best I’ve ever used.

1. In an Effort to be Influential

Never would I ever have thought I’d become an “influencer” – I think the idea of it has disgusted me a bit. Being paid to push products you don’t believe in whilst talking about some other, unrelated bullshit – no thanks.

That’s why this is different. I have been an MRL regular for the last 2 years. It was me that contacted them. I saw that they had taken the plunge in setting up their own website and marketing – something I know all too well is a hard start.

I love the concept of a sex action figure. It allows for so much more variety that traditional onaholes really don’t have, and I have a lot. It seems like a no-brainer to promote these to enrich your “personal time” whilst you look over my works. These are all my unedited words - my honest thoughts. I’ve not been paid a penny, yet.

2.My Experience with Male Sex Toys

I’ve been getting sex toys for just over 10 years now, after an ex gifted me a “Tenga Egg” for my 21st, in full view of all my friends. I had no idea what it was then. Now 10ish years later, I think of the eggs as basic, overly simple. I’ve gathered hips, torsos, rings, onaholes, “Fleshlights” and essentially anything quirky I could find. I spent a lot of time alone because of two long-distance girlfriends and a spree of casual relationships between them. But even my girlfriend of 8 years, who I now live with, thinks they’re fun in the bedroom, she lovingly calls them “chickens”.

I don’t think it’s a surprise to anyone that I keep myself busy, so to speak. I mean, that’s why you’re all here – there’s no shame in it at all. My toys have made that experience so much better. Not just in quality, but also trivial things like clean-up, anticipation, and changes of position. 

3.Where do MRL sit in the Market?

Whether you know about adult toys for men – let’s face it, women have had all the fun in this department for years – there’s actually a huge range of toys out there for us guys. But despite this, there’s been something of a gap between your regular onaholes and fully fledged sex dolls. A line I’ve often considered crossing, but have been put off by the cost, as well as issues with transport and storage. It’s funny that sex dolls have innovated in material, robotics, and human mimicry. Whereas regular sex toys for men are often, not always, a lump of silicone with a hole in it. MRL, in my honest view, have been one of very few companies to see this middle ground and do something amazing with it.

4.Other Toys Like Theirs

In the interest of full transparency, because I wouldn’t dream of suggesting something to you I didn’t believe in, MRL are not the only sex action figures I’ve bought. I actually got my start with “Elsa Babe”. Whilst I have about 6 of theirs, I have to say the quality isn’t as great, they have been prone to falling apart. Most of them having dual internal textures – something you see a lot with “Magic Eyes” – which never lasts. Despite liking the look of the “Elsa Babe” products, they don’t hold a candle to MRL, again, in my view. “Elsa Babe” products are often cheaper – especially for the smaller items for which I really should have spaced out my purchases! – whereas MRL, are mid-sized and up; more on that later. But you know the expression, you buy cheap, you buy twice. I’ve used my MRL toys far, far more than the others. I have found only one other item resembling a sex action figure manufacturer, but it went as quickly as it came. I think I was happy enough to stick with MRL that it didn’t entice me that much.

- “Elsa Babe” are blue censorship covers. Rest are MRL. Notice they are mostly, much smaller, particularly in channel width.

5.The MRL Range

You guys know how much I value innovation. MRL constantly update their products with new styles and techniques. When a product line is sold-out, they either update it or try a new figure altogether. Recently, they have been innovating with larger action figures, the kind you would need two hands for. One of their latest ones, Yukiko, is a mid-large size sex action figure that has a painted head, semi-poseable limbs, and a set of tiny clothes! It even has a stand, so you can display on your desk!

- My MRL dolls. Buying links for Dolls 1(TL)[I have the smaller version], 2(TR)[No longer available], 3(BL), 4(BR)

All in all, I have 8 MRL toys. Many of which were purchased at the advent of me home-working – which was nothing to do with COVID. They have ranges, such as “City girl” – which is often busty girls in various poses, and “Zodiac” – an inspired set of mythical girls. They’ve even got a futa toy. I have a few from different collections, some not available anymore, some crowd favourites. Point is, there’s a great set of products, and there’s likely something for all. They all have unique internal textures too, so it’s not just about the external appearance.

- More of my MRL dolls. Buying links for Dolls 1(TL), 2(TR)[New model is a little different, but she's in my top 3], 3(BL)

I will say that they don’t appear to do, or plan to do, anything Loli related. But I think that’s understandable. Although given the fact that Loli is about size, and these are about 25-30cm tall, not sure how well you could pull that off. Some of the “Elsa Babe” toys have small chests, and I still don’t think of them as Loli-toys. If it was too small, you’d tear right through it!

6.The Partnership

So, now you’ve got an idea of who MRL are, what they do, and my thoughts on them, let’s talk about the arrangement. MRL offered to send me a Yukiko toy to kick-start our partnership. Even my girlfriend was excited to open it. After having used it the following day, I can only say: *chef’s kiss*

- My new Yukiko doll. 330ml beer can and bottle cap for reference.

Instead of paying me to promote them, I get a cut of sales that go through the links I’ve been using on this page. Which I think is a better sign for you guys. For all my followers, there is a one-time 5% discount that you can get for leaving your email. For subs, there is an 10% discount coupon available that can be used on all purchases that go through the links. For my super supporters, who have a dedicated VIP area on Discord for commissioning me or being a long-term Fanbox supporters, there is an even bigger discount coupon for 15%. The bigger the discount, the smaller my cut, but that doesn’t matter. I want to offer you guys the savings to encourage you to get these toys. Naturally, there’s no urge to do it now, I often umm-and-aarr about such purchases. Just make sure you go through me!

If you visit their site via this special link, you’ll be able to see Yukiko, and the range on their international website. Although the links go directly to the products, having a look around should still maintain the identifier used to attribute me as the source, so I GET PAAAAID. It uses a Shopify cart, so it’s trustworthy, and payments can be made via PayPal. When they sent me Yukiko, it took only a week or two to arrive.

7.Extra Bonuses from me for MRL Purchases

Should you buy a toy, I’ll throw in two, free comics of your choosing for each purchase of an MRL toy (so 2 dolls equal 4 comics). These can be claimed at any time if you’d rather wait for a future edition. If you’re not a Fanbox paid sub, I’ll send you a couple of the paywalled sets. Again, of your choosing. Just make sure you message me on Discord your (redacted) receipt so I know you’ve got one and we can talk about what you’d like. You can see my comics on Gumroad.


8.Some More Stuff to Cum

I will also be doing another post when I get back from holiday on ways to maximise your new “action figure” like care instructions from A LOT of trial and error! But I will say for now, keep ALL the packaging, it’s the best way to store them.

They really like my work too, particularly the “uniqueness of it all” when looking at those bondage sets. We’ve discussed sharing 3D models, and I might be able to get a few in my renders. If they could make a doll from the likes of Gwen, or Chrissy, that would be the tits!

I will also be doing some video editing for these guys too, to promote their dolls. It’s been a while since I’ve done it professionally, but I’ve been wanting to get some more practice in for when I go back into animating. Haven’t started that yet, and not agreed the terms, but very keen to share with you.

9.Bowing out for now

As you know, I have lofty ambitions. If I can generate passive revenue from multiple sources (like comics - thanks you lot for the big spending spree lately!), that would be a great step into one day making this a full-time venture, which would mean even more of my works for you to enjoy! I’m hoping this partnership works for you, me, and MRL, who have honestly been great in all regards.

I think that’s enough from me for now, so here’s a couple of Gwen Pin-ups to say thank you for reading. I hope you consider buying a toy. But even if you don’t, it’s nice to see what’s out there to accompany the works you’re all enjoying from me!

Let me know what you think in the comments.




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